Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jack Wayne------The journey begins.

Chapter 1_____Bad News_____Part I

The door bell rang. 17-year-old Jack opened his eyes, half closing, he glanced at the clock right next to him. Jack was startled, he knew that doorbell meant bad news. He calmed himself down before putting on his clothes.

Jack was a tough boy, mentally and physically; his father was missing, after a British Airways B-777 disappeared. He had bronze colored muscles and legs were perfectly built for running and playing soccer, his favorite team is Arsenal.

He walked down the stairs, the door was ajar, the guests had came in. Mr Alvin invited them in. Mr Alvin was Jack Father's the personal assistant. He became Jack's assistant when Father went missing after the plane had disappeared at Indian Ocean, on a journey to Singapore.

The guests were in black suits, two of them. Jack sat opposite them and stared.
There was a slight moment of silence before the officer began talking.

"You must be Jack," he spoke with a deep questioning tone.

"Yes." Jack added,"Jack Wayne."

"Mr Jones would like to have a word with you, he will be waiting for you at Thompson Street, Felix Tower," he commanded. " You've to be there by 2 in the afternoon, or..." the man paused and looked at Jack, then he gestured his partner to leave. He waved goodbye to Jack and Mr Alvin before leaving the house.

End of Part 1